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Most active bugs summary


The summary page could benefit from a list of the most active bugs, since active bugs are likely related to topics the users and/or the developers are interested in.

Several metrics were proposed as a measure of activity:

  1. the number of views of the given bug (currently, this data is not available in mantis)
  2. the number of monitors
  3. the number of bugnotes
  4. the number of attachments


The current implementation leverages the bug_history_table content to score the bugs and build the top ten list; this looks like the easiest way to take into account all of the above metrics (of course excluding bug views)

  • Each history entry weights as 1 point
  • only open bugs (e.g, with state below the resolved threshold) are listed

Of course we could refine the scoring function to give “better” results; for example:

  • weights more monitor events
  • weight more has_duplicate events
  • give negative weight certain events (unmonitor)

and/or provide a custom function hook to personalize the scoring function

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