New Dark and Modern Theme

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New Dark and Modern Theme

Post by iKyzu »

Hey, I edited a "Modern Theme" that I liked and added some dark colors to it.
I love it myself and using it, let me know if you like it.
I will update it when I will find some issues and still bugs with colors.

For the first version you're welcome to get it!

I am thinking to add some easy way to change main colors like this one is orange.
But it shouldn't be a problem for you to edit it yourself to anything you want.

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Based on
Edited from
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Re: New Dark and Modern Theme

Post by wiz78 »


I forked your theme to fix a few things and adapt it to my taste, plus adding a user preference so that each user can choose whether to enable it or not. It's available at
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Re: New Dark and Modern Theme

Post by alex3rq »

Awesome theme! :D

I took the liberty to fork @wiz78 version and worked on a few things.
  • fix: Error "undefined" dependency of CFG_ENABLED
  • update: Styles with a modern look and some fixes on mobile.

You can find the updated version here

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