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0026886mantisbtapi restpublic2020-05-02 10:49
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Product Version2.24.0 
Summary0026886: How to add new issue count to the projects bar?


I want to add a notification indicator which will be count of new issue to the projects bar which I have showed on attachment.

We've so many projects and we can't notify when new issue reported. So we want to see the new reported issues on the projects list.

Is there any plugin for this? If not which file should I edit?

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2020-04-17 02:15


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image.png (23,649 bytes)   


2020-04-17 12:15

developer   ~0063843

the projects bar which I have showed on attachment

The provided screenshot does not clearly show it, but I assume you have configured Mantis with $g_show_project_menu_bar = ON;to display the projects list.

Is there any plugin for this?

Not that I know of, and in any case there is currently no available hook that would let one do what you want.

Adding such a hook would be feasible of course, but it would require some refactoring to use a single function to standardize printing the project name in a menu context. I'm not sure there is so much value in doing this.

If not which file should I edit?

Please note that changing MantisBT code is not supported, you're free to do so, at your own risk.

You will want to customize html_api.php, print_project_menu_bar() function (and print_subproject_menu_bar() as well if you're using subprojects, but it does not seem to be the case based on your screenshot).

You may want to consider applying the same logic in layout_api.php, layout_navbar_projects_list() and layout_navbar_subproject_option_list() functions as well.

I would recommend against doing this though, for performance reasons: it would cause execution of a SELECT COUNT query for each project, on every single page displayed by Mantis.

Based on the above, I'm resolving this issue as won't fix.