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0026481mantisbtapi restpublic2021-03-07 18:28
Reportersquin Assigned Tovboctor  
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Product Version2.23.0 
Target Version2.25.0Fixed in Version2.25.0 
Summary0026481: Errors in API documentation

I have been using the documents at this location:

There are a couple issues. This command:

GET Get an issue

is incorrect in that the colon is not required. I am not the only one to get confused by this. Also the example commands to get an issue and get all files attached to an issue seem to be the same. The only difference is the issue number.

Lastly your forum logon seems broken. I attempted to join but no email was forthcoming. When I created the Mantis account it was instant. I have a some questions but will wait until I join the forum as that is more appropriate than here.

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2019-12-18 11:51

developer   ~0063313

is incorrect in that the colon is not required

The colon simply indicates a placeholder / variable, to be replaced by the actual value you want to pass on to the API (in this case, the issue's ID).
I believe that this syntax is generated by Postman and I'm not sure if it can be changed. Maybe @vboctor can comment.

the example commands to get an issue and get all files attached to an issue seem to be the same

I think you're right on this one, getting the files should be {{url}}/api/rest/issues/:issue_id/files

Lastly your forum logon seems broken

As for that, there are no issues with forum registration or e-mail notifications as far as I can see. I actually an squin account registered today, maybe you had a typo in your e-mail address ?



2020-11-09 11:26

reporter   ~0064618

Also, the description for "GET Get unassigned issues" is the same as for "GET Get issues monitored by me".



2021-02-14 21:32

manager   ~0065121

Last edited: 2021-02-15 11:41

Thanks for the feedback.

  • The colon is a prefix for parameter name and is required by Postman.
  • The url for getting issue files was already fixed.
  • I have fixed the description for the get unassigned API.