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Mantis Users Directory

Author: Victor Boctor


Recently, I've decided to add a users directory to Mantis Website. This directory lists some of the companies / projects that uses the Mantis Bug Tracker. At the moment, the process for an entry to be added is as follows:

  • An authorized person from the organization sends me an email.
  • I add the entries that I got about once a month.
  • I reply back confirming that the entry has been added, thank them for submitting it, and requesting a link back if possible.

The data that is currently captured is:

  • The email (in one of my email boxes) – not a very reliable repository. The email has the contact name, contact email address, and request for addition.
  • The company/project name.
  • The URL of the company.
  • The URL of the Mantis installation if public.

The problem with this process is that it is a manual process which ends up consuming from my time as well as causing a delay from the time the entry was submitted till the time it is added. This is in addition to potentially losing some entries.

How can this be automated?

Request Form

  • Contact Name
  • Contact Email Address
  • Company/Project Name
  • Website URL
  • Mantis URL
  • Comments
  • Captcha - Used to confirm that the form is not submitted by a bot.

Email to Confirm Contact Email Address

  • Send a confirmation email to the contact email. The contact email will need to click on a link to confirm his address.
  • Delete entries in the database that hasn't been confirmed for a week or longer.

Approval Request Email

  • Once the email is confirmed, then a request for approval is sent to the administrator. The request email will include all the information about the directory entry + an approve / reject hyper links.
  • If the administrator clicks approve, then the directory entry is added and a notification email is sent to the person who submitted the request.
  • If the administrator clicks reject, then no email is sent and the entry is discarded form the database.

Entry Added Email

  • This is the email that is sent to the person who submitted the request when the request is approved.

Users Directory Page

This page is similar to the users directory that we currently have. However, it is populated from the approved entries in the database, rather than from entries that are hard-coded in the PHP file.

Database Schema

The database used will be a MySQL database. The schema should look as follows:

mantis_user_directory_entry table

  • entry_id - primary key - auto-increment
  • date_submitted - timestamp
  • company_name - 50 varchar
  • contact_name - 50 varchar
  • contact_email - 255 varchar
  • website_url - 255 varchar
  • mantis_url - 255 varchar
  • comments - text
  • status - int(1) - (0 - submitted, 1 - confirmed, 2 - approved).
  • high_profile - int (1) - (0 - no, 1 - yes) - examples of high profile mantis users are Airbus, Volvo, Zend, etc.

Technical Requirements

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