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User survey

Draft for now, gathering input.


It's interesting that the Bugzilla survey was aimed at a small number of organisations using MantisBT, rather than its direct users. Something to consider for us as well - perhaps by having two different surveys - organisations versus end-users.


Most of these apply to administrator users only.

  1. What Operating System do you run MantisBT on?
  2. What Database server do you run MantisBT on?
  3. What Web server do you run MantisBT on?
  4. Which PHP version do you use?
  5. How many active users are there in your MantisBT instance?
  6. How many bugs do you have in your MantisBT instance?
  7. What plugins do you have installed in your MantisBT instance?
  8. Do you run MantisBT on your own server or on a hosted instance?


  1. Age
  2. Country
  3. How do you currently use MantisBT
    1. User ( I interact with MantisBT's web interface )
    2. System administrator ( I administer the server running the application )
    3. Developer ( I contribute code to MantisBT or MantisBT plugins )

Current status

  1. Do you currently use MantisBT?
    1. If not, why not and which tools are you using now?
  1. Which version of MantisBT are you running?
  2. How would you rank MantisBT in terms of {usability, performance, look and feel,documentation}?
  3. Which of the following features do you use and how often ( matrix - rows are features, columns are numbered 1-5, were 5 means most often)?
    1. Roadmap page
    2. Changelog page
    3. Notifications
    4. etc ( we really need a good selection here )


  1. What would be the things that you would change or improve substantially in MantisBT?
    1. we might consider having some initial options here and also a large free text field ( should restrict checkboxes to 3 )
    2. Better look and feel
    3. Keyboard shortcuts for navigation and other common actions
    4. Extended reporting capabilities
    5. Ability to download and install plugins from the administration interface
    6. Better performance
    7. Better support for other database engines ( which ? )
    8. Ability to vote for issues
    9. Ability to preview attachments inline ( videos, images )
    10. Wysiwyg (or alternative structured text like Markdown ) editor
    11. Diff-style email notifications
  1. How important is it to you that MantisBT continues to function without the need to enable Javascript?
  2. Would you continue using future version of MantisBT if it would work only on modern versions of Browsers ( e.g. IE 9+, Latest Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Opera? )


 - Have you ever tried to contribute to MantisBT?
   - If yes, were you successful?
   - If no, why
     - lack of {skill,time,interest}
     - barrier of contribution to high {missing documentation, code hard to understand, no support from developers}
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