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Due Date Requirements

Author: Ryan O'Leary


This feature is documented here: Mantis allows for creation of custom field definitions for bugs. Currently, Mantis implements code allowing configuration of when the each custom field is displayed and when each custom field is a required field. The current configuration allows the user to specify the display/require option on 4 conditions; report, update, resolved, closed. The report, resolved, and closed conditions each map to one Status. The update conditions maps to all other statuses.

This feature will allow the individual mapping of custom field display/require properties with every individual Status.

Database Changes

  • Add a field to the custom_field table to store the serialized array of display options for every status (varchar(255)) – NOTE: This will limit the amount of statuses to around 30. If we want to support more than 30 Statuses, we should make this a TEXT field instead.
  • Delete the existing fields that are used for display/require properties in the custom_field table. (display_report, display_update, display_resolved, display_closed, require_report, require_update, require_resolved, require_closed).

Configuration Changes

  • Add string $s_edit_custom_field_status_title for the Custom Field Configuration page sub-title.
  • Add strings $s_custom_field_require, $s_custom_field_display, $s_custom_field_none for the Custom Field Configuration column titles.
  • Remove strings $s_custom_field_display_report, $s_custom_field_display_update, $s_custom_field_display_resolved, $s_custom_field_display_closed, $s_custom_field_require_report, $s_custom_field_require_update, $s_custom_field_require_resolved, $s_custom_field_require_closed as they are no longer required.

General Changes


Integration Features


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