Can subject be rewritten via regexp?

This plugin allows you to report an issue in MantisBT by sending an email to a particular mail account

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Re: Can subject be rewritten via regexp?

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The from line might actually be normal in those situations as far as i've been able to figure out wrote:Outlook will display the "on behalf of" when the Header Sender and the Envelope Sender addresses of the e-mail are different.
The "Header Sender" is the address in the "From:" header line in the e-mail.

The "Envelope Sender" is the address specified in the SMTP "Mail From:" command. This field is usually added into the header as a "Return-Path:" line when the mail reaches its destination.
To be sure, enable debug mode in EmailReporting and look at the raw_dmp_ files to see all the specific headers

If the email address for RF is something like where 1234 is the ticket number on their end, then 2 things can happen.
If Automatic account creation is enabled for EmailReporting, it will create a new user account for every single ticket.
If Automatic account creation is disabled for EmailReporting, it will use the fallback user account for the ticket creation. You will not know who the reporter is unless the from email address already exists in your system.

MantisBT will send notification emails to the email address connected to the user account if the notification system has been set up properly

Based on the further situation description i believe there are 2 possible ways to deal with this situation
  1. Don't use EmailReporting/MantisBT to communicate between RF and MantisBT. Instead try to use the SOAP Api in MantisBT. That might be better suited to this situation. Would not work though if RF cannot communicate that way
  2. Modify code as necessary. The easiest way would probably be to create your own plugin to get the desired end result.
On way or the other there is no easy way to get this done. This will require some amount of time to get right
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