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0008503mantisbtfeaturepublic2017-04-21 17:40
Reporterqips Assigned Toatrol  
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Fixed in Version2.0.0-beta.1 
Summary0008503: Have "send reminder" as a button rather than a not so visible link at the top of the issue

On several occasions I got feedback from my users that the "send reminder" link was just not easy enough to find. All of their permissable actions where on the button row but not the "send reminder" action which they valued so much.

I defined an extra button in the html_api nothing too fancy. Did a search and could not find any issue related to this. Below the code.

Additional Information

<b>1) Add the below code in the html_api.php to the html_buttons_view_bug_page function; for example just below the Monitor/Unmonitor section.</b>

#Send reminder button
echo '<td class="center">';
if ( !current_user_is_anonymous() && access_has_bug_level( config_get( 'bug_reminder_threshold' ), $p_bug_id ) ) {
html_button_bug_send_reminder( $p_bug_id );
echo '</td>';

<b>2) Add the below code to the html_api.php ; for example just below the html_button_bug_unmonitor function.</b>


Print a button to send reminder about the given bug

function html_button_bug_send_reminder( $p_bug_id ) {
html_button( 'bug_reminder_page.php', lang_get( 'bug_reminder' ) ,
array( 'bug_id' => $p_bug_id ) );

3) Optional: I also update the language file to have the button display "Inform a collaegue" rather then "send a reminder"

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2017-04-12 03:50

developer   ~0056497

Send a reminderis a button since version 2.0

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