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0007264mantisbtfilterspublic2018-03-31 19:58
Reportermcraig88 Assigned Tocproensa  
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Product Version1.0.1 
Target Version2.13.0Fixed in Version2.13.0 
Summary0007264: Not able to filter issues that have no relationship assigned

I am trying to generate a list of issues that have not been assigned to a 'release' issue. I create a bug that is used as a 'Parent' to all of the 'Child' issues that are to be resolved in a release.

I tried to create a filter where Relationships is set to Child of 0 and the setting is ignored. I also tried -1, and got no results.

There should be an option of None, or allow a 0 or -1 to signify no relationships created.

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2014-01-25 09:49

developer   ~0039187

Unassigned after having been assigned for a long time without progress.



2016-08-16 22:23

manager   ~0053827

If we are ever to implement this, then I would query for issues without relationships by supporting relationship type 'none' instead of a 0 or -1 in issue id.

Having said that, I would expect the scenario of releases to be based on target version rather than release issues. If not, then tags is another option. It is unclear to me why relationships are the right model for this specific use case mentioned by @mcraig88

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MantisBT: master 010fc2d2

2017-10-22 19:34:10


Committer: dregad Details Diff
Improve relationship filter

Improve relationship filter by supporting a combination of:
Relationship type:
- any
- none
- specific relation type
Bug id:
- any
- none
- specific bug id

This allow logical combinations to search:
- Bugs not having any relation
- Bugs not having a specific relation (to any, or some other bug)
- Bugs having a specific relation type (to any, or some other bug)

Bug id field uses META_FILTER_ANY and META_FILTER_NONE as special
values for these combinations.

Fixes: 0007264
Affected Issues
mod - core/classes/BugFilterQuery.class.php Diff File
mod - core/filter_form_api.php Diff File
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