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0024616mantisbtrelationshipspublic2018-09-04 01:23
ReporterAmosPeng Assigned Toatrol  
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Product Version2.15.0 
Target Version2.17.0Fixed in Version2.17.0 
Summary0024616: relationship visibility in different project permission

Users can not see the relationship list in current issue if they don't have the permission to related project.
These are nothing to remind owner who is going to close the issue that has children are still opened. Owner can just receive the error message but not to see which child be opened. This might make people confused.
It seems to me that "relationship list" can be shown without permission checking, or show some hints (child ids) in error message is acceptable.

Steps To Reproduce

User 1 has the permission to project A.
Issue 000001 in project A was assigned to user 1.
Issue 000001 is parent of Issue 000002 in Project B.
When User 1 try to resolve issue 000001, he got a error message but nothing else.

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related to 0024633 closedatrol Late error message when trying to resolve issues 




2018-07-19 04:28

developer   ~0060281

Last edited: 2018-07-19 06:29

It seems to me that "relationship list" can be shown without permission checking

Certainly not. It would offer a way to bypass access protection.

Maybe deactivating the check is an option for you.
Try adding the following line to file config_inc.php

$g_allow_parent_of_unresolved_to_close = ON;


2018-07-19 06:26

reporter   ~0060282

Not exactly, I need the child checking for parent.
Is there another way to hint child quantity?
Owner saw the relation issue is 0, but can not close issue.
It is weird to me.



2018-07-22 15:56

developer   ~0060301

At the moment you get message This issue cannot be resolved until all dependant issues have been resolved.
We could extend the message with something like Ask your system administrator for project access if you don't see any dependant issue



2018-07-23 03:21

reporter   ~0060304

Looks good to me, thanks.



2018-07-25 01:53

developer   ~0060314


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MantisBT: master 753648a5

2018-07-25 01:48:13


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Enhance message when resolving issues with unresolved child issues

Fixes 0024616
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