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0024578mantisbtdocumentationpublic2018-07-30 00:57
Reporteruser45587Assigned Todregad  
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Target Version2.16.0Fixed in Version2.16.0 
Summary0024578: Documentation: PHP documentation link: "installation.php" -> "install.php"


This page has moved: "" -> ""

The automatic redirect failed for me when I clicked the link, showing only a blank page, even when refreshing the page. There did not appear to be any connection problems, and other websites worked fine; also, opening the correct link worked fine. There might have been server-sided issues on causing this to happen, but it could also have been a local issue.

No matter how random this issue was: To easily avoid this from happening in the future, we could update the link instead of relying on the courtesy redirect.

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0024578, 0024579
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