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0023420mantisbtrelationshipspublic2018-02-02 14:22
Reporteratrol Assigned Toatrol  
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Target Version2.7.0Fixed in Version2.7.0 
Summary0023420: Resolving as duplicate adds reporter and handler to monitoring list

Just wondered why user didaquis removed himself from monitoring list of 0023415

When setting status of issue I1 to resolved and resolution to duplicate of issue I2, the reporter and the handler of I1 is added to the monitoring list of issue I2 (ok) and I1 (IMO not ok and a changed behavior compared to 1.2.x,)

Adding to the monitoring list of I1 makes not that much sense as

  • reporter has I1 already on his list Reported by me, handler has it on his list assigned to me
  • reporter and handler get already notifications for I1
  • there is typically no activity on I1 after setting to resolved
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has duplicate 0019839 closedatrol Unnecessary data created when resolving issues as duplicate 
related to 0023924 closedatrol Resolving as duplicate does not add reporter and handler to monitoring list of duplicate issue 


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MantisBT: master b49e3d4f

2017-10-01 14:45:17


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Don't add users to monitoring list when resolving an issue as duplicate

Fixes 0023420
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