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0023161mantisbttimelinepublic2019-08-15 04:43
ReporterZipher Assigned Todregad  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Target Version2.13.0Fixed in Version2.13.0 
Summary0023161: Show File Attachment events in Timeline

Display Timeline entries for File Added and File Deleted events.

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related to 0025995 closeddregad CVE-2019-15074: Stored XSS Vulnerability in Timeline 




2017-07-26 09:26

reporter   ~0057333

Please review this on PR #1136. Thank you.



2017-07-26 09:58

developer   ~0057334

But I am only able to add the translation for English and Traditional Chinese

Don't change any other language file than English in code repository.
Translations are managed via TranslateWiki, which means that TranslateWiki checks about every two weeks for changes in English files.
New messages will appear on TranslateWiki as not translated, giving Mantis users the chance to translate them.
The translated messages are commited to our repository by TranslateWiki [2]

Please refer our own Wiki [1] for the process to submit new translations or revise existing ones.




2018-02-10 19:00

developer   ~0058820

Last edited: 2018-02-10 19:12

New PR:

Reworded the issue's description to reflect change in scope:

I had added a new event for class TimelineEevent. In order to show events for file added in issue in the timeline.

New PR also includes file deleted events.

Also I prevent events that have same issue id, user id, event type, and timestamp to show multiple times in timeline.
Such that when multiple files are added to issue at a time. There will be only one timeline event for this.

This has been reverted, because it introduces a regression with similar events (e.g. Tags). Having a single event for each file is consistent with how we handle tags, and offers the added benefit of displaying the attached file's name.

A new item $s_timeline_issue_file_added is introduce in the language file. But I am only able to add the translation for English and Traditional Chinese.

As mentioned previously by atrol, translations are handled by TranslateWiki.

Related Changesets

MantisBT: master 1067889a

2017-08-13 04:43:57


Committer: atrol Details Diff
Show file added event in timeline.

1. Add class IssueFileAddedTimelineEvent to show file added event in
2. Remove identical event from timeline.
Fixed issue 0023161
Affected Issues
mod - core/classes/IssueFileAddedTimelineEvent.class.php Diff File
mod - core/timeline_api.php Diff File
mod - lang/strings_chinese_traditional.txt Diff File
mod - lang/strings_english.txt Diff File

MantisBT: master e2547baa

2018-03-30 15:58:47


Details Diff
Show Attachments events in Timeline

Merge PR

Fixes 0023161
Affected Issues
add - core/classes/IssueAttachmentTimelineEvent.class.php Diff File
mod - core/timeline_api.php Diff File
mod - lang/strings_english.txt Diff File