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0022584mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2019-04-21 23:06
Reportercproensa Assigned To 
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Product Version2.3.0 
Summary0022584: Improve user page

Currently "view user" page show very little information.
Some improvements in this page can be made to show more information related to the user:

  • Show a timeline for recent events performed by the user. 0022585
  • Show filtered summary issue listings, in the style of "my view" page, for sets of issues: reported by, assigned to, etc
  • Provide a detailed history listing for actions performed by the user, as an audit tool. This history listing should be like the one shown in "view bug" page

More suggestions?

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parent of 0022585 closedcproensa Show timeline for specific user 




2017-03-26 11:05

reporter   ~0056208


  • last time connected (Useful when user connect to MantisBT but not realize any operation)
  • User since (data when user account was created)


2017-09-29 02:59

reporter   ~0057840

User since (data when user account was created)

Ups, with date I meant date.

@cproensa what is your opinion about my suggestions?



2017-09-29 05:44

developer   ~0057849

User since (date when user account was created)

last time connected

yes, those would be good. However, some thinking should go into who can see that info. At least, could be visible to those who can see it in manage-users-page.



2019-04-09 22:04

reporter   ~0061871

I think that it will be difficult for us to satisfy all wishes.
It seems to me that it is better to implement it through plugins.



2019-04-11 04:33

reporter   ~0061883

I recently discussed this in our team.
Last login and date created is shown in manage_user_page.php but that is not user-visible. Would be nice in account_page.php also.
Though not public available to anyone due to privacy concerns.
A separate list of created / resolved issues seems not helpful to us, we could do this through filters easily.
i would vote for low importance.