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0022083mantisbtuipublic2018-08-13 02:33
ReporterNorris Assigned Toatrol  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.0.0-rc.2 
Fixed in Version2.16.0 
Summary0022083: Local copy of Open Sans font does not include Latin-ext characters

New UI uses local copy of Open Sans font, which does not include Latin-ext (and possibly also other available) characters. As a result the text in e.g. East-European languages is not rendered correctly (example can also be seen on this site in followinf text: abcčdďeéfghijklľmnoprřstťuvxyzž).

Steps To Reproduce

Just type any non standard latin character.



related to 0023978 closedatrol Fonts are not rendered correctly in Windows clients 




2016-12-27 11:35

developer   ~0054844

example can also be seen on this site in followinf text: abcčdďeéfghijklľmnoprřstťuvxyzž).

What's wrong with it?
How should it look like?



2016-12-27 12:19


MantisLatinExtProblem.png (3,102 bytes)   
MantisLatinExtProblem.png (3,102 bytes)   


2016-12-27 18:08

reporter   ~0054848

If you look at the letters č, ď, ľ, ř, ť, ž you will notice that in 2.0.0.-rc2 they are rendered in different font than the rest of the text.
Interestingly, it seems that on your BT Chrome renders it correctly, but not so IE 11 or Samsung mobile browser - please see attached picture how it is rendered on my system (IE 11, on Win8, 64-bit).

On my test installation, however, even Chrome renders the text incorrectly (cache has been cleared). I can provide the address of our BT via e-mail, if you need it.



2016-12-28 03:49

developer   ~0054851

Interestingly, it seems that on your BT Chrome renders it correctly

We don't use the local copy of the font, but the one from CDN (Google).

Can you confirm that enabling CDN fixes the issue?
Add $g_cdn_enabled = ON; to your config_inc.php to check it.



2017-01-05 11:32

reporter   ~0054946

I can confirm that after changing $g_cdn_enabled = ON, our site behaves the same as yours - Chrome renders it correctly, but not IE11 and Samsung mobile.
However, after adding '&subset=latin-ext' to the address for getting the google css (in layout_api.php) all browsers I tried render correctly.

So, if I may summarize, it seems that there are two things required to handle this issue:

  1. In case $g_cdn_enabled is ON, the layout_head_css() function in layout_api.php should be modified to ask also for latin-ext subset of the font, so the line should be as follows:
    html_css_cdn_link( ',400&subset=latin-ext' );

I have tried this and it seems to work.

  1. In case $g_cdn_enabled is OFF, the fonts included in mantis installation (linked by open-sans.css) do not include the latin-ext subset and should be replaced with fonts that contain this (and maybe also other) subsets or alternatively subsets should be separately linked (although not all browsers will process this). I have also tried this solution and it seems to work as well.


2017-01-30 08:18

developer   ~0055393

There are some more users complaining, e.g.

@syncguru could you please have a look at that?



2017-02-02 04:55

reporter   ~0055443

Your hint with:

$g_cdn_enabled = ON;

... helped also to my equal problem. Thanks.



2017-12-12 05:54

reporter   ~0058378

@Mark41 but not working for IE or MS Edge.



2018-08-01 16:12

developer   ~0060345

Issues are fixed whit changes for 0023978.
The problem should no longer occur with $g_cdn_enabled = OFF; and also no longer when using IE.