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0021935mantisbtfilterspublic2020-06-22 07:17
Reportercproensa Assigned Tocproensa  
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Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.3.3 
Target Version2.1.0Fixed in Version2.1.0 
Summary0021935: Filter api refactoring, manage stored filters

This issue is to track the changes implemented in

The PR consists of a clean up of filter api, and preliminary implementation for a tool to edit stored filters.
The big part of the work is to refactor the filter system to allow code reuse.

This includes:

  • Define a specific filter array when dealing with most of filter api functions
    Previously, it was assuming that the only filter to manage by filter api is the "current" applied filter. This means changing a lot of logic from using the global $g_filter, into using a specific filter array passed as parameter.
    This allows operating on filter structures different than the "current" one.
  • Encapsulate filter manipulation logic.
    Previously, the logic reading a filter array from a submitted form was duplicated in several places: filter_api.php, view_all_set.php, view_filters_page.php.
    Create a unique point to perform parsing of a submitted filter form, and update/create a filter array from those values.
    Normalize the vaidation of filter arrays, with a more solid filter_ensure_valid_filter() and filter_get_default()
  • Generalize the presentation of a filter box UI, for any arbitrary filter.
    Allow this filterbox to be presented, submitted, and parsed for any specific filter, at different point of the application.

With the previous building blocks in place:

  • Create manage pages that can list details of existing stored filters, and allow editing existing ones.

As part of the rewrite:

  • Fix many bugs that were present in the filter system.
  • Create a new field to allow filtering by "last update date"
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