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0021594mantisbtuipublic2021-01-17 04:38
Reporterdregad Assigned To 
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Summary0021594: Improve display of 'pre' tags

Currently, 'pre' tags are simply displayed with a fixed-width font, and do not really stand out from the rest of the text.

To avoid having very wide pages, by default MantisBT hard-wraps text within these tags at 100 chars (see $g_wrap_in_preformatted_text).

I propose that we modernize these

  • improve display (frame, background color...)
  • fixing a maximum width and displaying scroll bars as needed to view the contents, similar to what e.g. StackOverflow is doing (CSS 'overflow' attribute).
  • allow the user to dynamically change the height and width of the the 'pre' block (using CSS 'resize' attribute).
  • get rid of the extra newline added after each closing 'pre' tag


related to 0021410 closeddregad text looks OK in edit of note but renders badly 


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