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0021133mantisbtrsspublic2020-03-15 15:23
Reporteratrol Assigned Todregad  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.2.9 
Target Version2.24.0Fixed in Version2.24.0 
Summary0021133: Access of non existent image in RSS feeds

File mantis_logo_button.gif has been removed in commit MantisBT master e47a2dcb when our new logo has been introduced.
The file is still referenced in RSS feeds.

$t_image_link = $t_path . 'images/mantis_logo_button.gif';

$t_image_link = config_get( 'path' ) . 'images/mantis_logo_button.gif';

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has duplicate 0022135 closedatrol RSS feeds reference non existent image 
has duplicate 0026628 closedatrol issues_rss.php refere to an inexistant ressource 




2020-01-28 07:00

developer   ~0063527

Amazing that the bug has been present for so long (2012), and considering how simple the fix, that nobody bothered to patch it since this report was opened in 2016...




2020-01-28 07:44

developer   ~0063528

and considering how simple the fix, that nobody bothered to patch it

@dregad I don't remember, maybe because I thought that we need a new image, as the old image was just 88 x 35 pixel.
Maybe also because I looked at an quite / too old RSS specification where 88x31 was the preferred size.



2020-01-29 09:28

developer   ~0063533

RSS specification where 88x31 was the preferred size.

Hmm, good point I did not verify that there was a restriction on image size. The RSS 2.0 specification states

Maximum value for width is 144, default value is 88.
Maximum value for height is 400, default value is 31.

Our logo is 232x80, so it actually exceeds the maximum width. I'm not sure what consequence this would have on RSS clients (error, resized image, no display...). I hardly use RSS anymore these days, and I don't know of a local client supporting channel images that I can use for testing (it needs to be local so I can test against my dev box's localhost setup).

Maybe @LewisR or @Camille Desmots can provide feedback on this.

In any case, IMO the proposed patch is no worse than the current situation of referencing the wrong logo ;-)



2020-01-31 15:08

reporter   ~0063547

Last edited: 2020-01-31 15:12

Hmmm... Well, my reading is slightly different. From the text just above the maximum values stated:

Optional elements include <width> and <height>, numbers, indicating the width and height of the image in pixels. <description> contains text that is included in the TITLE attribute of the link formed around the image in the HTML rendering.

which indicates to me that those values are not image size limits but rather value limits when values have been entered using the optional elements.

My feed reader is SeaMonkey, and I don't see these images at all (and I was fairly certain that my own blog includes them - I'll need to look at the xml). Sorry I can't be of more help at this particular moment.



2020-02-02 11:04

developer   ~0063548

OK, thanks for the feedback anyway @LewisR.

Related Changesets

MantisBT: master e47a2dcb

2012-05-06 11:30:21


Details Diff
New logo, button and favicon.

1. Logo - for now login page and normal pages use the same logo size. In future versions, we may include a slightly larger one for the login page. Didn't want to include this in a minor update, since this is a configurable image name, and hence adding a new logo, may end up with having a mix of two logos.

2. The button is now a scaled version of the logo. For this reason, it is removed from the footer of the login page, but kept on the others.

3. Added the new favicon.
Affected Issues
0014119, 0021133
add - images/mantis_logo_232x80.png Diff File
rm - images/mantis_logo.gif Diff File
rm - images/mantis_logo_button.gif Diff File
mod - config_defaults_inc.php Diff File
mod - core/html_api.php Diff File
mod - images/favicon.ico Diff File

MantisBT: master a91e7e13

2020-01-28 06:55:45


Details Diff
Use $g_logo_image for RSS feeds

The code was using an hardcoded image name (mantis_logo_button.gif),
obsolete since the introduction of the new MantisBT logo, back in
2012 / 1.2.9 (!)

Fixes 0021133
Affected Issues
mod - issues_rss.php Diff File
mod - news_rss.php Diff File