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0016242mantisbthtmlpublic2015-02-27 01:51
Reportermatti Assigned Tovboctor  
Status closedResolutionduplicate 
Product Version1.2.15 
Summary0016242: Responsive design

As mobile/other devices get more and more common it would be beneficial for MantisBT to make use of relatively new CSS techniques (@media queries) to provide adapative views for various screen sizes.

I would imagine that transforming MantisBT to a ready made responsive CSS framework shouldn't be a massive undertaking. For example using Twitter Bootstrap ( ) would get things rolling fast. If older browser support is necessary, (version 3 is somewhat non working on IE7) a bit older Twitter Bootstrap should be used as a base.

Most work would go into replacing tables from places they are not needed. Like bugnotes, search form, bug report form...

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duplicate of 0017919 closedsyncguru Modernize Mantis UI 




2013-08-02 05:59

developer   ~0037594

You wrote

shouldn't be a massive undertaking

What do you think how long it would take?



2013-08-02 06:05

reporter   ~0037595

@matti - perhaps you're willing to give this a shot? If so, let us know on the dev list - .



2013-08-02 06:13

developer   ~0037597


I thought about this some time ago.
Are you aware that this will break a lot (e.g. some custom functions, plugins, ...) ?

Probably nothing which should happen in 1.3.



2013-08-02 06:42

reporter   ~0037598

@atrol I haven't looked at the MantisBT source for years ~207 views, am I right? So most of them 0:30-1 h tasks would give rough estimate of just over 1 man month.

Most of the view syntax is easy to change but tedious to check against version control so it should be done in very quick run to keep possible merge issues at bay.

Perhaps this would be best suited as a group effort on a feature branch. With views assigned alphabetically into groups for the feature team members to work on. Fast commits to feature branch and then completion check and adjustments after that.

First we would have to agree about layout and UI functionalities we are going to use as a replacement for current features like "Is 'Add Note' a toggle button or do we keep it as is.".

Never actually thought about plugins when I wrote this feature request. I don't believe it will break things since this issue should touch only view part of the files and CSS. Plugins using table layout with old CSS rules will not just look similar to everything else. ;)

@rombert wish I had time I just had my vacation.



2013-08-02 07:07

reporter   ~0037600

@atrol - yes, this will break stuff and it will require lots of coordination. That's why I suggested mantisbt-dev

@matti - A redesign is long in the making, and we should do this sooner rather than later. But 1 man month is a long time for volunteers working in their spare time, so don't hold your breath.



2013-08-02 07:11

reporter   ~0037601

@rombert I'm not sure about that view count, that is just based on file count in mantis www root.