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0011327mantisbtreportspublic2018-02-06 21:17
ReporterZamolxis Assigned Todregad  
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Product Version1.2.0rc1 
Target Version2.11.0Fixed in Version2.11.0 
Summary0011327: "Developer By Resolution" is the only box in the Summary page not ordered (at least it doesn't seem to be any logic behind it)

The "Developer By Resolution" box in the Summary page seems to have no logic of ordering developers. If there is a logic, it's not related to any of the relevant columns. For a while I suspected it's in the order of devs joining the project, but it's not even that: the last dev that joined appears somewhere in the middle of the list. Also Access Level doesn't seem to play a role in the order.<br />
<br />
I believe the devs should be order based on one (or more) of the following criteria:<br />

  • (number of bugs) fixed<br />
  • (number of bugs) open<br />
  • % Fixed<br />
  • by name (alphabetically)<br />
  • or else Chronologically, in the order of joining the project<br />
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related to 0023863 closeddregad Summary: Reporter and Developer by Resolution miss a Total column 




2010-01-05 10:38

reporter   ~0024048

Last edited: 2010-01-05 10:57

Same thing for the Developer Stats box, which seems to be ordered based on the same criteria.

EDIT: Small correction to my report above - it seems there is a logic, namely the order the user accounts were created. This was misleading for me, because one of these users started as reporter, but was appointed as developer only months later. So I expected him to appear at the bottom of the list, while he appeared in the middle of it (as per date/time of his account creation).

I guess this logic can be kept for the Developer Stats box, but I believe it should still be changed for Developer By Resolution. If the name says "By Resolution", the hierarchy in that box should say something about the dev's efficiency or amount of workload assigned. So ordering by the number of fixed or open reports assigned to him/her would make more sense IMO.



2018-01-20 17:26

developer   ~0058576

Last edited: 2018-01-20 17:28

For a while I suspected it's in the order of devs joining the project

According to the SQL query in the source code, it's sorted by handler_id (user id), so it's not exactly the order of devs joining the project, but rather that of users registration, as you pointed out in 0011327:0024048.

Implementing a more complex sort as you suggest does not really make sense at this time, because I think this page is long overdue for a major overhaul.

For consistency with the Reporters by resolution report, I think this should be sorted by total number of issues (descending).

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MantisBT: master 26ae1f63

2018-01-20 17:29:10


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Summary: sort "Dev by Resolution" by total bug count

This makes the report consistent with "Reporter by Resolution".

Fixes 0011327
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