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0010831mantisbtadministrationpublic2020-03-15 15:23
Reporterdeatheo Assigned Tocproensa  
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PlatformxamppOSwindows xp OS Versionsp2
Product Version1.1.8 
Target Version2.24.0Fixed in Version2.24.0 
Summary0010831: how can I allow user to view only the issue that assigned to them

as title say
I have already build my mantis system and now I want the user except the administrator can only view the issue that assigned to them, I used to set private to the user but if the user level is the same, and they can also view and edit the issue.Now, I only want user to view the issue that the upper user send to them. How can I do? Can anyone help me about the situation?

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2009-10-12 03:34

manager   ~0023134

It is currently only supported to limit reporters to access issues that they have reported. I've seen a couple of requests to allow the same for developers. This may be a feature to consider for 1.3.x. Patches are welcome.



2014-09-26 05:49

reporter   ~0041311

Any Update since 2009? This functionality is really important because some issue must remain private.



2015-07-31 14:36

reporter   ~0051165

Any news on this ticket?
This functionality is very important




2015-08-01 05:41

developer   ~0051166

This functionality is very important

Submitting a patch is always a good idea, as it increases the chances of improvement eventually making it into MantisBT core. All contributions are welcome and greatly appreciated.

Patch submissions can be made in several ways. In the order of preference:

  1. Send us a Pull Request on our Github repository [1]
  2. Attach a GIT patch to the issue
  3. Attach a Unified Diff, clearly specifying the patch's base release

Kindly avoid to upload entire modified PHP files.

Please make sure that your submissions adhere to our Coding Guidelines [2], if they don't your patch might be rejected.




2015-08-01 10:15

reporter   ~0051168

sorry but I am not a specialist in this ... so I do not understand what he wanted me to explain me.


Related Changesets

MantisBT: master 0a8fa153

2017-11-04 18:20:43


Details Diff
New option limit_handler_unless_threshold

A new otpion 'limit_handler_unless_threshold' is created that works in a
similar way that 'limit_reporter_unless_threshold'.
When this option is enabled, users will only have access to issues which
are handled by themselves.
The option is a threshold that behaves in the same way than

When there is a conflict in both limit_xxx options, the user will see
only those issues that are either reporter by him, or handled by him.

Fixes: 0010831
Affected Issues
mod - config_defaults_inc.php Diff File
mod - core/access_api.php Diff File
mod - core/classes/BugFilterQuery.class.php Diff File
mod - manage_config_work_threshold_page.php Diff File
mod - manage_config_work_threshold_set.php Diff File