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dregad dregad master 2019-08-03 09:54:11 master 2e1d1ca1
Affected Issues  0025951: MantisGraph: update Chart.js library to v2.8.0

Update Chart.js library to v2.8.0

Fixes 0025951

mod - library/ Diff File
mod - plugins/MantisGraph/MantisGraph.php Diff File
rm - plugins/MantisGraph/files/Chart-2.7.3.min.js Diff File
add - plugins/MantisGraph/files/Chart-2.8.0.min.js Diff File
rm - plugins/MantisGraph/files/Chart.bundle-2.7.3.min.js Diff File
add - plugins/MantisGraph/files/Chart.bundle-2.8.0.min.js Diff File