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dregad dregad master 2019-03-22 08:18:34 master 31ee2514
Affected Issues  0023550: Modification to status colors css

Distinct classes for status color fore/background

Currently the CSS classes defined in status_config.php set both the
foreground and background colors. This sometimes causes display glitches
on the status color boxes.

This commit fixes the problem as follows:

  • add new html_get_status_css_fg() / html_get_status_css_bg() functions
  • define new, distinct status color classes (status-XX-fg and
    status-XX-bg) to replace the single status-XX-color used previously
  • update MantisBT pages to use the new classes / API functions

Code cleanup: some variables were renamed to match coding guidelines and
better reflect their purpose.

Issue 0023550

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