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cproensa vboctor master 2019-02-07 13:09:43 master 5ee508f8
Affected Issues  0025454: Page adm_config_report does not cache users and generate many database queries
 0025455: Page adm_config_report, users in filter list are not correctly ordered
 0025456: Page adm_config_report has queries missing db_param_push()

Fix adm_config_report user list

The code to build the user dropdown list have some issues:

  • Missing db_param_push()
  • Calls to get user names are not cached generating a lot of separate
    queries for individual user ids
  • User names are not properly ordered in the dropdown list, as it's
    sorting with a case sensitive mode.

Fixes: 0025454, 0025455, 0025456

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