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cproensa vboctor master 2019-02-11 19:35:55 master 57a1f8c9
Affected Issues  0023245: project versions are not cached efficiently
 0024821: Wrong caching in version API
 0025661: Project versions disappear when set "obsolete"

Rewrite project versions cache

Rewrite version_get_all_rows so it doesn't perform db queries and rely
in version_cache_array_rows.

Rewrite version_cache_array_rowsto clean up code and improve caching
for non existant projects (eg, ALL_PROJECTS), or projects with no

Both changes fixes

  • A recurrent cache miss when ALL_PROJECT was part of the inheritance
    projects scope in a query for versions for a project.
  • A potentially wrong cached response for project versions (see 0024821).

Fixes: 0023245, 0024821

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