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dregad GitHub master 2017-01-25 10:51:10 master d987488b
Affected Issues  0022171: Redefine plugin version requirements
 0022205: Specifying plugin authors as array triggers 'Array to string conversion'
 0022206: Improve documentation for plugins

Merge plugin requirements PR

Prevents plugins getting disabled when bumping MANTIS_VERSION to 2.1.x.
Fixes 0022171

Also contains the following changes and improvements:

  • Add PHPUnit tests for plugin_dependency() function
  • Refactor plugin_version_check() to use PHP's version_compare()
    function instead of custom code
  • Reset MANTIS_VERSION to 2.1.0-dev.
  • Revert MantisCore version requirements in bundled plugins
  • Fix PHP notice when specifying plugin authors as array, fixes 0022205
  • align code with documentation
  • Improved plugin documentation in Developers guide, fixes 0022206


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