Released 2020-03-14
0026570: [bugtracker] Assigning bug from group action creates empty bugnote (atrol)
0026622: [ldap] LDAP API does not cache realname information (dregad)
       0026600: [performance] Performance loss after update from 2.20.0 to 2.23.0 (dregad)
0026482: [ui] 'View Issue' page fails to populate some fields (ex 'ID') for some projects (but not others) (atrol)
0026470: [localization] Issue values on bug view page are not localized. (atrol)
0026596: [installation] Wrong defaults for db (plugin) table prefix/suffix (dregad)
0026610: [ui] Option history_default_visible does not work (atrol)
0026575: [plug-ins] When calling bug_assign function it auto creates empty note (atrol)
0026629: [ldap] LDAP API throws PHP warning when ldap_connect() fails (dregad)
0026757: [bugtracker] Bugnote from reminder is always public - ignoring private checkbox state (community)
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