Released 2019-04-20
0019642: [administration] If log file is not writable, log_event() fails silently (dregad)
0025703: [api rest] Update Slim Framework to 3.12.1 (vboctor)
0023694: [plug-ins] View Issue page menu links from EVENT MENU_ISSUE event are wrapped with "[", "]" characters (dregad)
0025695: [bugtracker] Redirect to the new issue's page after reporting it (community)
0022096: [timeline] My View page without timeline does not respect the $g_my_view_boxes_fixed_position setting (dregad)
0022104: [ui] My View Page layout misses some boxes (dregad)
0022143: [documentation] Encoding of custom files not documented (dregad)
0022972: [documentation] Upgrade guide does not mention plugins (dregad)
0023333: [filters] sub-project assignments missing from project-specific My View page (cproensa)
0023418: [ui] Plugin tab in Summary section not highlighted when selected (community)
0023550: [customization] Modification to status colors css (dregad)
0025614: [installation] Missing file (api/rest/web.config) in installer (dregad)
0025629: [administration] E_USER_DEPRECATED errors are no longer displayed inline (dregad)
0025631: [administration] PHP Notice or incorrect file+line number when displaying DEPRECATED error (dregad)
0025650: [ui] Show status with a color square instead of background color on Bug Update Page (dregad)
0025651: [performance] Update color when new Status is selected in Bug Update Page (dregad)
0025664: [ldap] LDAP documentation - Remove invalid 'hostname:port' example (dregad)
0025679: [ui] Uneven distribution of boxes on My View page when Timeline is OFF (dregad)
0025682: [ui] Show Invite button for users with manage users access level, not just administrators (community)
0023037: [ui] Focus on project search (cproensa)
0025594: [ui] Projects menu search box should be hidden when having a small number of projects (cproensa)
0025688: [api rest] Inconsistent naming of username field in REST API (community)
0025693: [performance] Improve performance of Summary Page queries (cproensa)
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