Released 2019-03-16

Feature release

0025390: [tools] Travis CI builds fail for PHP 7.3 (dregad)
0025368: [administration] Manage project, copy from/to forms are easy to click accidentally and don't ask for confirmation (cproensa)
0025436: [email] Bump phpmailer/phpmailer from 6.0.6 to 6.0.7 (dregad)
0024672: [security] Fix Bootstrap security issues (CVE-2018-14040, CVE-2018-14041, CVE-2018-14042) (atrol)
0025213: [rss] RSS feeds broken when using PHP >= 7.0 (atrol)
0025523: [plug-ins] MantisGraph: improve handling of colors in Pie charts (dregad)
0025488: [reports] Update Chart.js to 2.7.3 (atrol)
0005151: [administration] Can't update user's project-specific access level (dregad)
0025437: [api rest] Update Slim Framework to 3.12.0 (dregad)
0004624: [feature] Add filtered summary (cproensa)
0014656: [reports] Filter by dates in Summary Graphs (cproensa)
0017304: [documentation] Manual does not describe variable "g_from_name" (atrol)
0020069: [code cleanup] default_email_on_status, misleading comments in config_defaults (atrol)
0023045: [feature] Usability suggestion at Report Issue screen (atrol)
0023904: [performance] Massive queries to user table in edit project (cproensa)
0024347: [security] web.config file is missing in api/rest (community)
0024549: [filters] Permalink - Filter lose information after click on view issues (cproensa)
0024775: [filters] Improve presentation of temporary filters (cproensa)
0024776: [filters] Switching simple/advanced for a temporary filter loses the filter (cproensa)
0025109: [html] Filter widget does not hide botton bar when collapsed (cproensa)
0025130: [administration] "Check Installation" is missing from Admin menu (dregad)
0025164: [reports] MantisGraph, implement filtered summary for graphs (cproensa)
0025168: [reports] MantisGraph. Reporter graph does not fit width of page (dregad)
0025174: [excel] Float custom field saved as String in XML-Excel export (atrol)
0025210: [reports] Script error in graphs (cproensa)
0025381: [api rest] Get project doesn't return all versions (atrol)
0025385: [ui] Summary page submenu not aligned when screen narrower than buttons (dregad)
0025386: [ui] Incorrect spacing between submenu and main div for some MantisGraph screens (dregad)
0025387: [ui] MantisGraph: redundant subtitle on Issue Trends page (dregad)
0025403: [documentation] $g_notify_new_user_created_threshold_min is ignored on new account creation (atrol)
0025408: [documentation] Minor documentation fixes (atrol)
0025429: [api rest] Undefined variable t_show_detailed_errors in API REST (dregad)
0025442: [db mssql] Wrong/duplicate bugnote_text_id in mantis_bugnote_table (cproensa)
0025466: [reports] SYSTEM NOTICE on graph pages (atrol)
0009757: [reports] View Issues - Select a Filter - Graph are not linked on this choice (cproensa)
0012261: [filters] Cannot filter by versions of parent project when child project selected (cproensa)
0020054: [administration] Cant modify configuration for All projects if only one project exists (cproensa)
0021931: [reports] Filtered Summary (cproensa)
0022099: [reports] Missing pie chart in "By Category Graphs" (cproensa)
0022100: [code cleanup] Take care of released/obsolete flag when accessing version_cache_array_rows() cache (cproensa)
0023245: [performance] project versions are not cached efficiently (cproensa)
0024821: [code cleanup] Wrong caching in version API (cproensa)
0025110: [authentication] Token error when login with a newly created user (cproensa)
0025102: [api rest] /api/rest/issues endpoint supposedly returns all issues, but doesn't (community)
0025133: [ui] Project selection is shown even if the user has no accesible projects (cproensa)
0025163: [reports] MantisGraph summary links don't hghlight current graph page (cproensa)
0025165: [reports] Summary doesn't honour issue access (dregad)
0025217: [ui] Enable selection of a range in checkboxes lists. (cproensa)
0025378: [ui] Provide sortable functionality to simple tables (cproensa)
0025400: [api rest] Allow adding/updating/deleting subprojects via REST API (community)
0025434: [email] check all/ uncheck all checkbox for email notifcation (cproensa)
0025446: [ui] 'show_queries_count' is a global setting, but 'show_memory_usage', 'show_timer' are not (atrol)
0025454: [ui] Page adm_config_report does not cache users and generate many database queries (cproensa)
0025455: [ui] Page adm_config_report, users in filter list are not correctly ordered (cproensa)
0025456: [sql] Page adm_config_report has queries missing db_param_push() (cproensa)
0025463: [attachments] Dropzone max-filesize option is not correct (cproensa)
0025464: [attachments] Enforce max-filesize in dropzone to alert and drop big files before form submission (cproensa)
0025465: [attachments] Dropzone preview does not work (cproensa)
0025515: [api rest] Simple and Advanced filters are not consistent for handling sub-project issues (cproensa)
0025522: [plug-ins] MantisGraph: limit number of slices in By Category pie chart (dregad)
0025524: [plug-ins] MantisGraph: improve display of By Category Bar chart (dregad)
0025532: [relationships] Error when adding a relationship if bug id contains whitespace as prefix or suffix (dregad)
0025533: [relationships] When adding multiple relationships, ignore source issue and empty issue ids (dregad)
0025572: [attachments] Redesign Dropzone file previews (cproensa)
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