Released 2018-06-05
0024437: [filters] Cannot save private filter if not allowed to save shared filter (community)
0024496: [wiki] URL encoding precludes reasonable wiki root_namespace values (community)
0024242: [bugtracker] Incorrect issue status setting when changing status (vboctor)
0024388: [api rest] Support create project versions via REST API (vboctor)
0024398: [tagging] Exception Missing Class (atrol)
0024432: [security] Update-Blocker:User-ID instead of Realname 0024139 as due to security policy requirements which prohibit IDs in mails and masks (atrol)
0024435: [filters] show_user_realname_threshold is not considered when sorting by reporter or handler (atrol)
0024436: [ui] Selecting users is not easy if show_realname is set to ON (atrol)
0024470: [other] System warning if $g_log_destination = 'page' when using PHP 7.2 (atrol)
0024462: [api soap] Error while querying for issue header with PHP 7.2 (atrol)
0024476: [performance] Unneeded <meta> tag in <head> section (atrol)
0024139: [ui] $g_show_realname for making usernames private (atrol)
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