Released 2018-04-29

Maintenance release for 2.13.x series.

0024221: [security] CVE-2018-9839: Private issues accessible to unauthorized users using the "Clone" functionality (dregad)
0024233: [markdown] Markdown quoting rendered with broken HTML (atrol)
0024239: [email] Inconsistent realname display (atrol)
0024335: [api rest] Get all filter or specific filter returns incorrect information (vboctor)
0024343: [api rest] REST API returns too much info for default category handler (vboctor)
0024346: [api rest] Don't show category default handler for users that can't manage the project (vboctor)
0024349: [api soap] API method mc_filter_get does not work (vboctor)
0024353: [code cleanup] mb_internal_encoding no longer being set because of removal utf8 library (atrol)
0024355: [bugtracker] SYSTEM WARNING 'count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable' in 'IssueNoteAddCommand.php (atrol)
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