Released 2018-03-04

Feature release

0023375: [mentions] It is hard to @ mention users when show realnames is enabled (vboctor)
0010493: [code cleanup] Non-existent duplicate_realname column is updated by various functions in user_api.php (vboctor)
0022509: [mentions] users with dashes in their name will not work when @mentioned (example @r-frank) (community)
0023960: [plug-ins] EVENT_AUTH_USER_FLAGS should always be passed username rather than name (vboctor)
0023961: [timeline] Identify Timeline tags operations with a specific icon (dregad)
0023966: [code cleanup] Option session_handler not implemented (atrol)
0023969: [performance] Minor performance and code enhancements of config functions (atrol)
0024020: [localization] Update supported languages (siebrand)
0024043: [ldap] $g_ldap_realname_field generates WARNING: field 'givenName' does not exist. (community)
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