Released 2017-12-30

Feature release

0023710: [code cleanup] Remove usage of deprecated function __autoload (vboctor)
0022789: [api rest] Support retrieving user defined filters (vboctor)
0009007: [time tracking] Billing summary does not include sub-projects (community)
0022790: [api rest] Support standard filters defined by the system when retrieving issues (vboctor)
0023679: [administration] Limit change of impersonation threshold to global config (atrol)
0023690: [api rest] Support deleting filters (vboctor)
0023722: [time tracking] Don't print time tracking buttons and export links (community)
0023723: [time tracking] Support configurable default billing rate (community)
0023724: [time tracking] Removed useless collapse icon with duplicated title in billing report (community)
0023742: [html] Broken url for MantisBT logo in admin section (community)
0023753: [ui] UI of Update Produkt Build page broken (atrol)
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