Released 2017-12-04

Feature release

0023573: [code cleanup] Unneeded code for option meta_include_file (atrol)
0023640: [code cleanup] Usage of deprecated each() function (atrol)
0023639: [code cleanup] Unneeded code for non supported old PHP versions (atrol)
0023654: [api rest] Don't validate handler when updating issues without updating handler (vboctor)
0023658: [plug-ins] UI for protected plugins broken (atrol)
0023577: [api rest] REST APIs don't enforce required custom fields when reporting issues (vboctor)
0023578: [documentation] Document need for consistency between "normal" and "datepicker" date formats (dregad)
0012602: [custom fields] Default value for a date don't work (vboctor)
0019482: [custom fields] Using custom fields (date) with default value and required on resolve displays an error (vboctor)
0023466: [db mysql] database is not supported by PHP. Check that it has been compiled into your server. (atrol)
0023572: [code cleanup] Unneeded code for unsupported database types (atrol)
0023575: [api rest] Category lookup is case sensitive (vboctor)
0023579: [api rest] Internal Server Error 500 when category doesn't exist (vboctor)
0023594: [custom fields] Reporting an issue with default date {now} that is not visible doesn't work (vboctor)
0023616: [api rest] Support exporting issue history (vboctor)
0023620: [api rest] PHP error on getting issues when user doesn't have access (vboctor)
0023625: [code cleanup] Function require_lib contains code to search in vendor folder (atrol)
0023626: [performance] Unneeded code executed when retrieving global settings (atrol)
0023630: [administration] Some check boxes on Manage Configuration > Workflow Threshold page are not centered (community)
0023645: [other] No preview of ANSI encoded text files that contain German Umlauts (atrol)
0023648: [api rest] Leverage ETag headers when getting issues (vboctor)
0023650: [api rest] Leverage If-Match when deleting issues (vboctor)
0023653: [api rest] Leverage If-Match when updating issues (vboctor)
0023657: [api soap] mc_issue_update returns bug is read only on status update (atrol)
0023576: [api rest] Issues created via REST API with date custom fields fail (vboctor)
0023692: [authentication] Token API does not work with config show show_realname (dregad)
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