Released 2017-10-08

A feature release that includes both functional and performance improvements.

0023378: [installation] Installation fails when using old but still allowed PHP version 5.3 (atrol)
0022310: [html] Use HTML5 "required" attribute for required form fields (community)
0023395: [db oracle] Performance issue reading config table with oracle database (cproensa)
0009120: [custom fields] Numeric Custom fields on View All don't sort correctly (atrol)
0023324: [performance] Generated css, js code should be cached by browser (cproensa)
0023323: [reports] Wrong filter links on summary page (atrol)
0023381: [code cleanup] Unneeded code for unsupported PHP versions (atrol)
0023420: [relationships] Resolving as duplicate adds reporter and handler to monitoring list (atrol)
0023225: [authentication] Token API does not work with config show show_realname (dregad)
0022872: [ui] Make some buttons visible only when hovering on relevant container (cproensa)
0023251: [timeline] Timeline in view user page resets the user id after dates navigation (cproensa)
0021654: [code cleanup] Deprecate access_has_any_project() (cproensa)
0022870: [ui] buttons without separation (cproensa)
0022871: [ui] print_form_button() does not render inline buttons (cproensa)
0023216: [tagging] Make tag view threshold work at project level (cproensa)
0023242: [code cleanup] Function project_get_local_user_access_level() is redundant (cproensa)
0023248: [ui] Project selection dropdown focus on current selection (cproensa)
0023267: [ui] Misplaced "Reset Prefs" button in user prefs with narrow screen (dregad)
0023301: [api rest] Request an issue in the REST API fail without warning if an enumeration is missing. (community)
0023310: [performance] Unused CSS delivered (atrol)
0023331: [code cleanup] New user_get_username() API function (dregad)
0022182: [ui] Burger menu is sometimes visible without functionality (cproensa)
0022492: [ui] Regression: Resolved/Closed issues are not shown with a line-through (strike-through) (community)
0023264: [api rest] Custom fields not been saved when adding issue through the Rest API (community)
0023268: [db oracle] Error filtering custom fields of type date (cproensa)
0023311: [filters] "View issues" on changelog page does not show closed issues (atrol)
0023367: [plug-ins] Add no-op upgrade step in plugin_upgrade() (dregad)
0023382: [customization] Login logo image not configurable by css (cproensa)
0023393: [administration] Provide some basic operating environment information on manage_overview_page (atrol)
0023411: [performance] Unneeded string copies in general text processing (atrol)
0023425: [reports] PHP errors and warnings when running Issue Trend report (atrol)
0021913: [tagging] Unprivileged user can see related tags from private issues (cproensa)
0022053: [plug-ins] Implement logging functionality for plugins (cproensa)
0022245: [ui] Collapsed menu entry no clickable in complete visible area (atrol)
0023241: [filters] Error when changing sort order in filters, due date field only (cproensa)
0023243: [ui] Narrow space between checkbox/radio button and label (dregad)
0023249: [feature] When logging the caller function, also print the class name if it's a class method (cproensa)
0023377: [other] Textarea custom field entry missing from email (atrol)
0023436: [filters] Editing a stored filter can't update projects property (cproensa)
0023443: [custom fields] Fixes related to custom fields on filters, columns and visibility (cproensa)
       0005713: [custom fields] Custom fields of subprojects are shown in filter for "All projects" but not in parent project. (cproensa)
       0006872: [custom fields] Sort of custom fields does not use data type (cproensa)
       0016358: [filters] Custom field filter does not recusrively read all items from sub-projects (cproensa)
       0016359: [filters] Custom field filters does not take user access rights into account (cproensa)
       0019385: [filters] Filtering custom field show bugs from projects where this custom field has been removed (cproensa)
       0023223: [filters] Custom fields filter does not account for read access at project level (cproensa)
       0023232: [filters] Custom field is showed in filter when the user has not view access (cproensa)
       0023233: [custom fields] Issues returned by filter has linked custom fields that are not available as columns (cproensa)
       0023260: [custom fields] Custom fields of type date are not sorted correctly (cproensa)
       0023265: [custom fields] Filter selection for numeric custom fields aren't sorted correctly on distinct values list (cproensa)
       0023266: [custom fields] Filter selection for numeric custom fields show values not coherent with custom field type (cproensa)
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