Released 2017-02-26

A feature release that includes all fixes from 2.1.1 release listed above, some setup fixes, status colors visibility improvements, shed some unnecessary js/css and multiple improvements for relationships feature.

0021881: [javascript] Remove jquery-ui is not longer used in Modern UI (syncguru)
0022256: [javascript] Unbundle JS libraris from Ace theme files (syncguru)
0022401: [installation] Installer displays horizontal blue line under "Checking installation" section header (dregad)
0022361: [relationships] Trigger notifications on related issues when an issue is deleted (vboctor)
0022400: [installation] Installer does not show "GOOD" status for DB connections (dregad)
0021796: [ui] inline attachments should be directly visible (dregad)
0021724: [ui] Improve visibility of status colors (syncguru)
0008313: [relationships] More work needs to move to Relationship APIs (vboctor)
0016933: [relationships] Deleting relationship should set target bug's last updated (vboctor)
0021619: [code cleanup] Use constants instead of hardcoded values for filter view types (dregad)
0021897: [ui] Unaligned color coding of status (syncguru)
0022273: [javascript] Enable CDN support for dropzone.js (syncguru)
0022296: [code cleanup] Options in $g_public_config_names are not sorted (atrol)
0022316: [code cleanup] Duplicate code to display the filter view type toggle menu item (dregad)
0022360: [relationships] relationship_add() doesn't return bug relationship information (vboctor)
0022362: [relationships] Use bin icon instead of 'delete' button to delete relationships (vboctor)
0022363: [relationships] Setting a duplicate id should update relationship with target issue if already exists (vboctor)
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