Released 2017-01-30

MantisBT 2.1.0 feature release

0021935: [filters] Filter api refactoring, manage stored filters (cproensa)
       0006823: [filters] Date filter should work with "last update", too (community)
       0021618: [code cleanup] Duplicate code to determine the default view type (cproensa)
       0006732: [administration] Sorting issue lists isn't stable (each sort scrambles previous sort) (cproensa)
       0008626: [filters] Filter forgets custom date filtering (cproensa)
       0017852: [filters] Tags is showing on its own row in filter box (cproensa)
       0021031: [filters] Rewrite the filter box form (cproensa)
       0021032: [filters] Setting $g_filter_custom_fields_per_row to other than default can cause empty cells in filter box (cproensa)
       0021592: [filters] Unknown column 'mantis_bug_table.tags' (cproensa)
       0021827: [filters] Displaying date filter values : month always displayed in text (english) (community)
       0003803: [filters] Provide a way to update a saved filter (cproensa)
       0006042: [filters] Switching to "Advanced Filters" hides "Hide Status" and ignores setting (cproensa)
       0006551: [customization] Manage custom filters (cproensa)
       0007708: [feature] Feature: multiple sorting of problem informations (cproensa)
       0011007: [filters] After setting $g_view_filters = ADVANCED_ONLY in config_inc.php can still end up in simple filter mode. (cproensa)
       0020493: [filters] Wrong hide_status value on column sorting (cproensa)
       0020624: [filters] Filter shown inconsistent after changing from advanced to simple (cproensa)
       0020882: [filters] Filter by date inputs are shown disabled (cproensa)
       0021029: [bugtracker] Trigering a DEPRECATED error from the page body fails (cproensa)
       0021044: [performance] my view page, $t_hide_status_default consitency (cproensa)
       0021811: [filters] Advanced filter shows icorrect fields (cproensa)
       0009213: [filters] manage filter (cproensa)
       0009301: [filters] Add support for updating a current filter (cproensa)
       0018045: [ui] Changed ordering of fields on View Issues page (cproensa)
       0019700: [filters] Filters table on the view_all_bug_page.php shows empty lines when $g_enable_profiles is set to OFF (cproensa)
       0021814: [filters] plugin filter fields dont work with dynamic input (cproensa)
0022175: [markdown] Markdown converting '<' within backticks to & lt; (joel)
0005731: [feature] search function for projects (vboctor)
0021551: [administration] Manage Users pagination loses filter letter (community)
0022209: [bugtracker] Adding a custom field to a project makes the filter for this project unusable (atrol)
0011604: [change log] Versions marked as obsolete appear on change log page (vboctor)
0022164: [markdown] Font for quoted string in markdown is too large (joel)
0022172: [markdown] Markdown not displaying single line breaks (joel)
0022113: [localization] integration updates (dregad)
0022169: [attachments] File upload not working when $g_allowed_files is set (atrol)
0022171: [plug-ins] Redefine plugin version requirements (dregad)
0022179: [markdown] Markdown is eating apostrophe / single quote (joel)
0022204: [markdown] News headlines are parsed with markdown, though they should not be (vboctor)
0022205: [plug-ins] Specifying plugin authors as array triggers 'Array to string conversion' (dregad)
0022206: [plug-ins] Improve documentation for plugins (dregad)
0022221: [documentation] Documentation: update 'Database tables' section (dregad)
0022232: [email] Email verbose notifications should be OFF by default (vboctor)
0022237: [code cleanup] Remove references to 'register_globals' (dregad)
0022239: [ui] checkbox for personal setting "E-mail Full Issue Details" still using old style (dregad)
0017920: [markdown] Native markdown support (joel)
0022131: [timeline] Remove yellow background in timeline date range (dregad)
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