0021642: [ui] Highlight due date when the date has passed (syncguru)
0021112: [performance] Unneeded tooltip information on "My View" page (syncguru)
0021650: [security] Content-Security-Policy is disabled in 2.0.0-beta.1 (vboctor)
0021111: [localization] Language strings contain double quotes (syncguru)
0021114: [ui] Manage users page action buttons appears on 2 rows when showing 'Unused' (syncguru)
0021117: [ui] Plugin dependencies are no longer color-coded (syncguru)
0021119: [ui] Wrong alignment of field on "Summary" page (syncguru)
0021123: [ui] Waste of vertical space on "My View" page (syncguru)
0021137: [ui] Questionable display of sub-projects in project menu bar (syncguru)
0021139: [ui] Display of file type icon broken on print_bug_page (syncguru)
0021223: [ui] "Report Issue" button on top toolbar should be hidden for VIEWER/anonymous users (vboctor)
0021224: [ui] Login and Signup buttons in top header don't work for anonymous users (vboctor)
0021397: [plug-ins] Plugin menu options don't show in main menu (vboctor)
0021398: [ui] My Account - Manage Columns actions page broken (syncguru)
0021400: [ui] Collapse settings are not saved by modern UI (syncguru)
0021405: [wiki] Wiki integration broken (vboctor)
0021414: [customization] Config menu options don't show in main menu (vboctor)
0021575: [reports] Graphs for enums (e.g. status) can break when an enum has 0 occurences (vboctor)
0021599: [ui] The test results in Admin Check results are no longer colored (dregad)
0021602: [administration] Admin: "Upgrade your installation" shown even when schema is up-to-date (syncguru)
0021609: [news] Page broken after updating news (atrol)
0021622: [administration] Alert messages are not styled correctly (syncguru)
0021638: [ui] Tables in Workflow Transitions page seems deformed (syncguru)
0021644: [ui] Don't offer "My Account" in menu when being logged in as protected user (dregad)
0021647: [filters] New to restyle 'filter deleted' page (vboctor)
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