MantisBT 2.0.0 release focuses on improvements to the UI compared to 1.3.x release. As of this release, the db schema is the same between 1.3.x and 2.0.0-beta.1, enabling users to easily try 2.0.0-beta.1 and provide feedback.

0021214: [bugtracker] Update jQuery to 2.2.4 (community)
0020240: [ui] Footer issue: problem + solution (syncguru)
0008503: [feature] Have "send reminder" as a button rather than a not so visible link at the top of the issue (atrol)
0021115: [ui] Manage users page always shows filter '0' as selected (dregad)
0021140: [db schema] Remove DB2 support (atrol)
0020907: [ui] Report stay doesn't work in modern UI (vboctor)
0005851: [reports] X-Labels truncated in by Category Graph (vboctor)
0006663: [reports] I'm seeing three JPGraph-related problems (vboctor)
0007342: [reports] synthesis graphs by category: many "big" categories hide pie by legend (vboctor)
0007343: [reports] synthesis graphs by category: page not long enough for legend with a lot of categories (vboctor)
0007991: [reports] Graphs not centered (vboctor)
0010403: [reports] The legend on JPGraph graphs overlays the graph (vboctor)
0012159: [reports] By Developer, By Reporter and By date graph problems (vboctor)
0012384: [reports] Graph text being truncated (vboctor)
0012483: [reports] Jp graph not dispalying (vboctor)
0012725: [reports] Solution to "font file not readable/does not exist" seems not to work for JPGraph (vboctor)
0012825: [reports] Modern graphs using javascript graphing library (vboctor)
0012967: [reports] Category jpGraph not displayed (vboctor)
0013097: [reports] Graphs not working (vboctor)
0013160: [reports] Labels on x-axis in summary graphs too small and cropped (ezcLibrary) (vboctor)
0013879: [reports] Graph plugin uses hard coded font list; ignores any other (vboctor)
0014232: [reports] Advanced summary bad display (vboctor)
0015246: [reports] JPGraph 3.5.x anti aliasing error in Ubuntu (vboctor)
0017493: [reports] Graphs are not working out of the box (vboctor)
0021134: [relationships] Use of undefined constant when displaying relationship graphics (atrol)
0021177: [reports] Jpgraph doesn't work (vboctor)
0011671: [reports] 3 graphs couldnot display in the page of 'summary_jpgraph_page.php' (vboctor)
0017919: [ui] Modernize Mantis UI (syncguru)
0020286: [javascript] Missing JavaScript libraries (syncguru)
0020118: [ui] pen icon ancient (syncguru)
0020182: [custom fields] wrong field name for custom field parameter (syncguru)
0021130: [tagging] Usage of undefined function html_page_bottom (syncguru)
0021131: [signup] Usage of undefined functions in verify.php (vboctor)
0021215: [bugtracker] Update FontAwesome to 4.6.3 (community)
0021216: [bugtracker] Upgrade Bootstrap to 3.3.6 (community)
0021217: [bugtracker] Use cross origin anonymous and check integrity when loading form CDN (community)
0021221: [ui] Fully localize drag and drop to attach (community)
0021220: [ui] Lost password form doesn't have labels or placeholder text (vboctor)
0021222: [ui] Drag and drop should honor 'allowed_files' config option (community)
0019590: [attachments] Attach via drag-and-drop (syncguru)
0021279: [administration] Fix error when going to Manage - Workflow Transitions and clicking update (vboctor)
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